Month: July 2019

How to fix a broken heart

This is my first article for Bright Cult and I’m very honored. I wanted to choose a topic that we don’t always find easy to access to, or sometimes we feel we don’t need. I have also come across a lot of bad advice on this topic and thought it was worth sharing my two…

By Angelo Henry July 15, 2019 0

Why Am I Doing Intermittent fasting?

Why am I doing intermittent fasting and how I am feeling after 6 months of regular IF? First things first: How I came to know about it? I read it in a book where the author suggests people to do this fasting after it surprisingly one of my brothers is doing it for many years…

By mdalvi July 7, 2019 2

The 75 Hard Challenge

Why I took the 75 hard challenge and why you should take the challenge as well? After I started posting my videos of exercising with a #75hardchallenge on Instagram and WhatsApp stories many people started asking me about it and why am I doing it. So, writing this article to make people aware of the…

By mdalvi July 2, 2019 4