30 Skills That One Should Have By Age 30

30 Skills That One Should Have By Age 30

July 31, 2018 Off By mdalvi
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PS: Do not go by the title and get disappointed or feel remorse if you are above 30. You still can develop the skills I’ll mention below if you don’t possess any of those even if you are above 30.

When we were kids, skills were hardly a matter of concern to us. But, now when we have officially entered the adulthood or still dipping your toes in, there are certain skills that all of us should strive to achieve irrespective of the work or marital status. Basic things like recalling the name of a person when you are just introduced to someone. So, here are the skills that one should have by the age of 30.



  1. Taking Care of Your Clothes: Starting with the very basic, by the age of 30 one shouldn’t be dependent on others for taking care of his clothes. Oh! common you’re an adult now this is a very basic thing and your Mumma(Or anyone) isn’t the right person to do it for you.
  2. Cooking: This is a must have to save a lot of money and of course, if you don’t want to die in hunger. Even any basic thing is permitted.
  3. Exercising Self-Control: Oh! You are 30 and are still playing PUBG(or drinking alcohol) out of control every time. That sounds bad. By the age of 30, one should have complete control over his temptations and impulses or at least try to control considering that he’s an adult.
  4. Saying  “NO”: Let’s say, you are in the middle of something very important and your friend invades in between to invite you for a glass of beer. The work you were doing should matter to you the most over your friend. So, saying “NO” politely to your friend is the ideal thing you should do instead of joining your friend by packing up the work you were doing.
  5. Being Time Conscious: Time is money. Mastering the skill of managing your things/work on time will be the best skill you will be having by the age of 30. Some of the instances include these: Being on time, Waking up on time, Submitting the work on time and Sleeping on time. Give respect to time and time will reciprocate to you by giving you the success that you deserve.
  6. Sticking to Your To-do-list: Sticking up to a to-do-list until all the “to-dos” are done and achieved is a skill by itself. The tag of “achiever” comes after this.
  7. Dress appropriately for any occasion: Unless you are Ranveer Singh, the clothes you wear should match the occasion you are going to.
  8. Keeping business cards in your wallet: You never know who you are going to meet, it is usually the best practise to keep the business cards in your wallet. It might be just one card away from the best prospective client you would ever meet.
  9. Staying on budget: Unless you are opulent you will have to do your best to stay on a particular budget (for a week, month, year). To stay on a budget you’ll have to create a budget first and there are a lot of resources that help you to create a budget.
  10. Researching: This skill can be a boon in disguise. Before you decide to do anything doing a simple research on the thing that you want to do can give you some better options.
  11. Following through: If you have committed to one of your friends that you will help him out to do something after some days. Don’t flake and just do what you have committed by taking a follow up with your friend.
  12. Sticking to at least one form of exercise: Regardless of what type of exercise you like. If you like to run/jog instead of going to the gym then do that. Just keep moving.
  13. Remembering the names: If you can learn this skill of remembering names after the first introduction with a new person then it might be one of the best things you will learn because it is surprising and impressing when someone who you’ve only met once recalls your name.
  14. Planning for your financial future: The earlier you learn this skill the more benefits it will reap to you. Whether it is investing, saving, or budgeting it will help you a lot if you learn this skill as early as you can.
  15. Having a sense of gratitude: Gratitude attracts more into your life. The more you thank for the more you will receive in your life. Gratitude over complaints should be the thing.
  16. Swimming: I am including this in my list because it may save your life or might help to save someone else’s in an unfortunate situation.
  17. Complimenting a woman: Yes! Complimenting a woman without flattery and flirting may segregate you from the flock of flirters. In addition, you put a smile on her face.
  18. Capturing decent snaps: Being an image analyst I can suggest this skill to those who are completely unaware of very basic photography skills. This skill might help you to impress someone, and also developing this skill can help you to make a living.
  19. Controlling the level of voice: You are in a library you are supposed to keep the level of voice low instead of talking. Also, arguments can be more peaceful if you learn to keep your voice low.
  20. Dancing: No! Not like MJ, just moving and shaking your legs instead of watching aimlessly can do the trick if your friends invite you to join them in the middle of a party/occasion.
  21. Leaving a party at the right time: Not too early and not too late is the trick.
  22. Ending a bad relationship: Anything that is bad for you is worthless to keep. Just end it instead of stacking negativity in your life.
  23. Repairing: It is just like a relationship. If things aren’t going right then you try to repair what is wrong instead of breaking and going into a new relationship. Same goes for machines, you just don’t need to buy a new one if you can repair the old one. Learning to repair can save a lot of cash. Even basic computer repairing is great.
  24. Communicating: Communication is all about listening more properly and trying to understand what the other person has to say instead of bragging about your own things without stopping. There is a reason you have two ears and one mouth.
  25. First aid: Learning this skill might help you to save someone’s life.
  26. Sewing aka needlecraft: Learning this skill might help you to wear your favourite shirt when you are already late for the occasion.
  27. Speaking another language: Speaking another language at least to order a cup of coffee can be impressive.
  28. Leaving a respectable tip: Yes! This might help you to leave an impression of a better human in the waiter’s eye.
  29. Cleaning the dish to a level that would earn mom’s approval: Convincing mothers is one of the difficult skills you will have to learn.
  30. Calm a crying baby: Yes! This is a skill and the most difficult of them all. That’s the reason I’ve kept it in the end but if you manage to do this you may impress a lot of people out there.


The above skills will definitely make you a better person.



What else would you like to add in this list? Leave a comment below.



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