5 Mini Habits For Weight Loss

5 Mini Habits For Weight Loss

October 17, 2020 Off By mdalvi
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5 mini habits for weight loss

People tend to overdo things in the beginning and then lose motivation after a few days.


Before starting, I’d like to say that I have lost around 40 Kgs in 5 years. Yes, I took a lot of time to lose that amount of weight. But, I understood the fact that slow progress is better than no progress.

When it comes to enjoying the process here are 5 mini habits that you can build and lose the weight:

1. Aim big but start small:

When people start with an exercise/ diet plan they either stay inconsistent or get over-consistent for few days and then lose their mojo. It is all about balance when it comes to the weight loss process. Therefore, you aim big but start small. Remember it is not a short-term thing it’s a lifestyle.

It is very important to make sure that you are consistent.

Our brain loses motivation and starts giving us multiple excuses when we over-do things.

Start this game as a beginner so that you can be like a pro till the end.

Starting small can look like: Walking 5k steps instead of 10k until you form the walking habit, working out for 20 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

Starting small is easy and important to form that habit which will help you to become the person who you want to be.

Ultimately, you become what you repeatedly do. A person is nothing but what he does every day (his habits).

2. Join the group:

This is the easiest way to stay consistent. If you want to become a person who is consistent be with consistent people.

Power of influence is tremendous, and the reason is we tend to imitate people who we are surrounded by. 

Look at your habits and you will realize that most of them are very similar with people who you hangout with.

We have the power to choose our group cautiously. It’s all up to us whether to choose a tribe which is positive and on the course of improvement or to choose a tribe which is stuck with no hopes.

Therefore, choose people who are already doing things which you wish to do.

3. Walking is powerful:

Well, if you are someone who thinks you only need to run or go to the gym if you want to lose weight then sadly that’s wrong. Because walking or any other small activity burns calories, and if any activity which helps you to burn calories and create a deficit then that helps you to lose weight.

Number one reason to walk is that it’s easier than running. It helps you to burn those calories. Although, you need to walk more to burn more. You cannot compare walking with running and vice versa because of their abilities to burn the calories at different rates.

Walking reminds us that something is better than nothing.

Walking is better than sitting on a couch, walking is better than doing absolutely nothing.

So, if you are the one who isn’t able to go to the gym or run then go for a walk. A 30 minutes walk is way better than you think.

It works because walking is easy and thus it will be easier for you to be consistent. Ultimately, staying consistent is all that what matters.

4. Track and find the balance:

Tracking: Track the food, track the steps, and track your workout. Apps like MyFitnesspal, Workout tracker, and Google Fit are quite amazing

Remember the fact that tracking will help you to become better. Your office tracks its monthly, quarterly, six monthly, and annual revenue/sales. Similarly, track your habits.

Things that gets measured and tracked are managed and improved.

Tracking is a simple exercise. It works because it brings moment to moment awareness to the actions that you take in the area of your life you want to improve.

Finding the balance: If you feel like staying active for 6 days a week isn’t suitable for you because of the overwhelming tasks that you do throughout the day then try 5 days. If you feel like staying active for 5 days a week isn’t suitable for you then try 4 days. Sorry, won’t suggest going for 3 days but if it works for you and if you are consistently active for 3 days then go with it but make sure that you aim to do better.

The goal here is to find the balance in such a way that will help you to become a person who exercises and stays active most of the days in a week.

Finding the balance is necessary but it doesn’t mean that you sabotage yourself and shrink your ability to do more.

If you are capable enough to stay active for 6 days a week then don’t permit yourself to stay active just for 3 days. This simply will mean that you are sabotaging your progress and you are lazy.

5. Cheat Window:

If you are following any diet or are on any calorie deficit program then you definitely would want to have a cheat day. Cheat days are good to keep you motivated and be consistent with your diet plan.


Some dieters keep an ALL IN OR NOTHING mindset in which they will either follow the diet completely without any cheat meals but when they don’t follow any diet they make sure that they are eating all the crap.

ALL IN OR NOTHING MINDSET is deadly especially if you are far away from your goal weight.

Coming back to the topic a cheat day does impact your progress than cheat window/cheat meal. Thus, a cheat day shouldn’t be a day it should be a window.


A cheat window can be described as few designated hours in which you can cheat(for example 4 PM to 8 PM is your cheat window)

The reason it should be a window is when you eat that calorie-dense yet less nutritious food you tend to overeat and thus end up eating way too many calories.


If you are someone who likes to keep a cheat day on a weekend then your overeating of processed food might sabotage the week’s hard work. The diet plan and exercise which you sincerely did and followed throughout the week might just lose its significance.


 Although, if you plan out your cheat meals then you might not overdo during your cheat window.

Here’s how your cheat meal might strike out the consistency of the entire week:

Source: @cartergood

Now instead of this scenario if you plan out your cheat meals and keep a cheat window then you are more likely to consume fewer calories than you’d eat if you have a “cheat day”.

Remember, something is better than nothing in this case as well. Some planning is better than no planning which leads to random and unconscious gulping of food. 

I hope these 5 tips will help you in some way. If you liked this article do share it with a friend who is trying to achieve his/her goal weight.

Remember discipline is the best form of self-love and sometimes avoiding things which you love(in this case -processed food) is the best way to become a better you.

Conclusion: Something is better than nothing and slow progress is better than no progress. Run your own race and compete with yourself.

All the best,

Manish Dalvi.

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