7 most influential factors that decide your life:

7 most influential factors that decide your life:

May 18, 2020 0 By mdalvi
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7 most influential factors that decide your life:

This article is about the 7 most influential things that decide our life. Humans are designed to get influenced by some of the other things. We must be aware of the things that influence us. Some things influence us in a good way and somethings in a bad way.

Here are 7 most influential factors that decide your life:

1. Your self-talk:

Yes! This is numero uno point as nothing is more important than what you say to yourself. You say what you think and your thoughts on yourself matter the most. Whether you say to yourself that you can’t win or whether you say you can win truly shapes your outcome.

So, it’s important to watch for your words that you say to yourself. Here, affirmations come to your rescue especially when you are binging with negative self-talk.

2. Your self-worth:

You can’t grow your self-worth based on the external things which you think decides your worth. Your self-worth grows from within. It starts with YOU. External things like money, fame, popularity, friends, and family can’t decide your self-worth.

Your bank account, your followers, and your subscribers etc are all materialistic things and they have no right to decide your self-worth. Your self-worth starts with you and that’s the reason it is called “SELF- WORTH”.

People will treat you based on how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself like shit then they will treat you like shit. If you treat yourself with care and love yourself enough. People will do the same.

It all starts within you. The external world is just a reflection of how you are treating yourself.  Always remember when you wait for external validation you are giving your power away. Don’t let anyone dull your magic.

The magic that is within you is impeccable and much bigger than you think. Don’t let anyone shrink that magic. You are worth it and you are bigger than your insecurities. 

3. Your habits:

You are what you repeatedly do and those things which you do repeatedly are your habits. This thing itself is capable enough to decide your future. Habits truly shape your future. Habits compound themselves and either make you inevitable or a loser struggling in life.

To know what your habits look like out map your day. Write down all the activities that you do regularly. Rate them whether they are good/bad for your future self. Ask yourself whether they are good or bad and then take small steps to improve them regularly.

Small daily significant improvements overtime turns out as a prodigious outcome every single time. Habits compound themselves.  Here are some of the methods I used to build some good habits.

4. Your family and friends( Who you associate with):

You become like people whom you surround and spend most of the time. Someone said show me your friends I’ll show you your future. If you analyse right now you will come to know that your habits were majorly influenced by the people you are circling.

Your habits such as spending habits, eating habits, exercising, reading, watching TV, and almost all of the important things that a human does regularly is highly influenced by the people around him.

It is crucial to be around the right people. You will have to filter some people because those people don’t seem to be the right fit for your future. Keep in mind that this is not selfish at all. You have to tell that person that we can’t spend so much time together as we both serve different things.

Choose your circle wisely. Choose better.

5. What you read:

You reap what you sow. If you sow positive things in your brain you will reap a positive life, If you sow negative things in your brain you will reap a negative life.

If you read informative things, healthy things, and things that will help you to become a better person then you will become a wise, healthy, and a person of wisdom.

6. What you eat:

Health is wealth. You can’t be a person with the illness and be happy.

If you eat healthy food you will have a healthy physique. If you binge eating unhealthy food you will have a physique you won’t like. Sometimes a mirror gives you a huge boost of confidence especially when you look at yourself and you are in love with your physique.

Your food dictates your mood, Your mood dictates your actions, and your actions dictate your future. Therefore, you must select food that will make you feel better about yourself and food that will keep you fit and healthy.

Thus, enough reasons to eat healthily right?

7. Your consistency:

The most important of them all. Without this, you can’t do anything great in life.

a) You can have positive self-talk but if you aren’t consistent you won’t go much farther.

b) You can have great self-worth but if you aren’t consistent about keeping your self-worth on top of its game then it will hardly have any impact.

c)  You can build many positive habits but if you aren’t consistent with them then you can’t reach where you want to reach.

d) You can hang around and associate with positive people but if you aren’t consistent with them then you can’t have what you want to have. The outcome will still be enervated.

e) You can read positive things for a day or two but if you aren’t consistent then you can’t sow positive things solely based on two-day reading efforts.

f) You can eat healthily for a day or two in a week but that won’t be sufficient to lose that weight if you keep cheating on the rest of the days.

Consistency is the key to every single outcome. Start being consistent and you will be rewarded with sublime things. Consistency is elusive but not impossible. 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article, and I hope that it will be of use to everyone who read it.

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