Author: Angelo Henry

Angelo is an accountant from Melbourne, Australia. He also loves to write on Self-improvement and he likes to share whatever he has experienced and learned. Angelo is a magnanimous person with an undiluted interest in cricket and football. If there’s one strength of his of which I am aware of then that’s his positive attitude towards life.

The Power Of Delayed Gratification Explained

The power of delayed gratification explained: . Delayed gratification is an age-old concept which rose to fame particularly in the 1960s from the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. . The experiment was conducted on young children who were interviewed in a room. .  The researcher would place 1 marshmallow on the table and tell the child that…

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THE ART OF SMALL WINS – Angelo Henry While this is not a new concept, I find that this is important during the time we are in. The art of celebrating small wins is called so because it is exactly as it is coined, celebrating small wins. It is a mindset, it is an attitude…

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How to win during Covid-19

How to win during Covid-19? The world has changed. Let’s accept it and it may not ever go back to the way it was before Covid-19 took over the world. Maybe it is good news for some or maybe it is not. But I would like to take time to shed an optimists view on…

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How to fix a broken heart

This is my first article for Bright Cult and I’m very honored. I wanted to choose a topic that we don’t always find easy to access to, or sometimes we feel we don’t need. I have also come across a lot of bad advice on this topic and thought it was worth sharing my two…

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