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5 Mini Habits For Weight Loss

5 mini habits for weight loss People tend to overdo things in the beginning and then lose motivation after a few days. . Before starting, I’d like to say that I have lost around 40 Kgs in 5 years. Yes, I took a lot of time to lose that amount of weight. But, I understood…

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A bad thing about the keto diet

The only bad thing about the keto diet I started with the keto diet back in October 2019. I wasn’t following any sort of diet before the keto diet but I was following a 16:8 hour eating pattern also known as intermittent fasting which I was following since Jan 2019. You can read about why…

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Why Am I Doing Intermittent fasting?

Why am I doing intermittent fasting and how I am feeling after 6 months of regular IF? First things first: How I came to know about it? I read it in a book where the author suggests people to do this fasting after it surprisingly one of my brothers is doing it for many years…

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