Digital Detox

Digital Detox

August 14, 2019 0 By mdalvi
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Why I’ll be doing a digital detox for a month?

First of all, I’ve set my own rules for the digital detox which I’ll be doing. Because completely refraining the screen isn’t possible in this modern world where technology has become a necessity and you can’t do certain things without it. Okay, so without jabbing much I’ll show the rules which I’ve set for myself for the one month period starting from 15th August-15th September.

The rules which I’ll be following are;

  1. I’ll be uninstalling Instagram and all other social media apps where people share their life. (Persistently, I’m not using Facebook for 7 months now). So,skipping social media completely for a month.
  2. I’ll be using WhatsApp for 20-30 mins max a day for official and other important work! (in those 20 mins I’ll be replying to work related messages only)
  3. I won’t be uploading any sort of stories/status anywhere!
  4. I’ll make sure that I don’t use my phone for more than 1 and a half hour! (including podcasts, phone calls, WhatsApp, music apps)
  5. The phone usage will be completely restricted after 10.00 pm until 8.00 am in the morning. ( Making it a 10 hour fast from the phone).

Now, why am I doing this digital detox shit?

There are so many reasons why I’ll be doing it.

I’ll jot them down here! Be patient while reading them.


  1. I want to get rid of social media addiction:

Using almost since 2010, social media has become that part of life where it has become a necessity to share things I do.

If I’m going to a place- I share.

If I’m eating something unique- I share.

If I’m chilling out with friends-I share.

So sharing, some part of real life in the digital world has become a necessity somehow for me. Especially, with the introduction of stories and status updates on Instagram and WhatsApp a few years back has made me more violent for updating my life in the digital world. A few years back it made me look cool and beatnik but now I feel that sharing my life isn’t necessary. It is just a choice. The more you keep it private the happier you can be which has become my moto. Although, I’m struggling a lot to get rid of this. But, I know that if I really push myself hard to do it. I’ll do it. Anyhow! After all, I learned that the fewer people know your story the less drama will be generated. I also know that I’m not the only one who is facing this issue. But, I know that many people have become so mechanized in the social media world that they aren’t even aware of this.

Sharing your life on social media has both pros and cons but for me, it seems the weight is more toward cons.

And the number one negative side I feel while sharing your life on social media is “TIME”. You waste your time on the phone when you share a single picture in your stories/status. How? You upload, People react, You reply to their reactions. This loop itself wastes a lot of time. Luckily, I don’t have the habit of checking who viewed my stories(Many friends of mine have this habit and they don’t even realize how much time they are wasting doing this fruitless thing).

Also, I’ve seen some people where they go out to eat in a fancy restaurant just to click pictures and upload stories(Now that level of insecurity is dangerous).

This sole point is enough for me to go on a digital detox. But, here are a few more!

2) Water VS Phone theory:

My father told me this line when I was in the hospital in January this year. He said, earlier people used to drink water as soon as they woke up, but now they drink the negative messages from their phone. That line was striking enough for me to digest it. And since then, plain water is the only thing I drink after I wake up, and touch my phone after 2 hours only once I’m done with my important activities. So, if I wake up at 5 am I’ll touch my phone past 7 am. The reason is clear- instead of distracting myself from the superficial messages I complete the most important activities I have and then touch the trivial phone. So, whilst on a digital detox, this habit will get more prodigious and better.

3) Digital dementia:

I won’t write much about it as I’m not a professional in the given field but here is the basic information about digital dementia.

  • The hypothesis behind the term digital dementia is that overindulgence on the internet and internet-enabled devices causes cognitive impairment such as reduced attention and decreased memory span and can even expedite early-onset dementia. To know more click here.

So, it’s bad news! Of course. I don’t know when was the last time I tried to remember a person’s phone number. Nowadays, some people don’t even know their own phone number. Making it a big lol and dependence on their phone.

Making us less human!

4)   Less quality, more distraction:

As far as I’ve observed, many people get easily distracted because of phone (including me) if I’m at work(whether in office or at home doing some personal work) I have a habit of checking my phone constantly which makes me less productive because of the distraction. My focus gets disturbed and therefore, increasing the chances of hampering the quality. Now, imagine you are the CEO of an xyz company and your employees make silly mistakes because of the lack of focus which was caused by their phones. It can bring a negative scenario for your reputation and your brand.

Not only at work but also during casual meets between friends and family.

Phone is the reason behind spending less quality time with your loved ones.

Nowadays, people meet friends in cafes and restaurants and while talking to them people multitask and reply to messages on their phone or just scroll through the social media feeds. Instead of giving full and undivided attention/ focus to the person they have come to meet they give their focus and attention in bits and parts to them. Making the moment less pleasant. I’ve somehow reduced my phone usage whilst I’m meeting someone. But I want to get rid of this habit completely(This includes when I’m at home with my parents and brother). Also, if I’m meeting someone I’ll request (and then warn) to keep their phone aside and give undivided attention to the conversation.

5) Let’s get old school;

For me, old school is the new cool. Because, it brings less distraction, more focus, more quality and more memories.

Of course, I’ll use this amazing technology after a month but I’ll make sure that I will use it according to the rules which I’ve set for myself. But, I won’t post anything which is fruitless and non-inspirational. I’ll be going old school and will use this technology wisely for the betterment of myself and for society instead of posting and checking things of people who are energy vampires. Also, all the unnecessary social media accounts will be deleted permanently for personal use and will only be used for the promotion of the website.

These were the prodigious reasons behind why I will be going on a digital detox from 15th August to 15th September.

Although, in February 2019 I attempted to reduce my phone usage for 2 hours max and that month was the best month of 2019. But, I didn’t delete all the social media apps during that attempt. So, the challenge was not that hardcore.

I’ll update this article in the next month by sharing my experiences and the changes I observed by doing the digital detox.

I’m sure that the next 30 days will be the most productive and mindful 30 days of this year(or maybe of this decade).

I challenge the readers to reduce their phone usage and see the results themselves. (Parents are right when they yell at us because of the mammoth phone using habits we have as they have seen the mindfulness in the world as there were no smartphones during their time).

If you wish to reduce your phone usage and don’t know how to check the daily phone usage: There’s one app called “digitox” available in the Google PlayStore for free in which you can check your phone usage, the apps in which you are investing most of the time and also you can restrict yourself by setting the timer.

PS: I’ve seen this bitter side from my own perspective and I might be wrong somewhere in the article but whatever the case is ” Let’s be human again” by regaining the power of focusing towards life, work, people, sleep, and most importantly “Time”.

Muchas Gracias!

Manish Dalvi.

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