The habit adaptation and creation

The habit adaptation and creation

April 6, 2020 0 By mdalvi
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The Habit Adaptation and Creation

My way for habit adaptation and creation is to start small, make it very easy, and make it obvious. Any habit which I started is built on the above fundamentals.

Dumb in the past. Habit adaption and creation

A quick recap to 2013: I started focusing on good habits in the year 2013. I was tired of carrying that extra fat with me so I wanted to lose the fat which made me feel bad about myself, I was 18 year old and 95+kgs then, overweight by 30 Kgs. Little did I know how I managed to gain the prodigious amount of fat with me. Now, it seems that I was obese because of the sedentary and unhealthy eating lifestyle which I had since my childhood. Walking a KM was like the most difficult task one could give me but during that phase, it was the need of an hour. So, I dared to start walking and started by walking too much(roughly around 5 KM from the very first day)just out of over-excitement and impatience to lose the fat. If I am not wrong, I remember that I was consistent for 10 days(Yes, that’s around 50 KM’s in 10 days) and then I jumped on the weighing machine to check whether I lost 5 Kg; Boom!! I didn’t lose even a Kg properly, it was 900 grams that I lost(to be very precise )and that was disheartening, which gave me enough reasons to stop.

Start Small. Habit adaption and creation.

Start Small Technique: I didn’t exercise/walk at all(for that purpose) after the disappointment which led me to stop going for a walk for two-three months but then that wasn’t going to help me anyway. So, I changed my mindset from all in or nothing to something is better than nothing. The act of showing up is so much important than carrying around a perfection mindset. I was lucky enough to have such mindset during that time thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo who always shows up at the gym no matter how his day is. This mindset made me run for 300 metres every single day, I took roughly around 2 minutes to complete the 300 metres round at a medium pace, but it was enough to make me gasp. Every single day, I ran 300 metres and made sure I was consistent. This I did for a month and a half straight and I never failed to lose my focus.

Make it easy. Habit adaption and creation.

Make it very easy: The 300 metres to cover isn’t a big task it was very easy as the goal was not to lose weight but to build a new habit and rephrase my self-identity from a sedentary life to a moderately active life. I chose 300 metres because it took just 2 minutes to cover it and anyone can spare 2 minutes if they want to build a habit. Just by spending 2 minutes every day for 50 days straight, I had gained consistency, a routine, a different self-identity, and confidence which made me say let’s go for 10 minutes now. The point here isn’t the duration, the point is about the confidence and most importantly the habit which I had built for myself. Earlier, when I used to walk 5Km/ day I had the enthusiasm, excitement, and the motivation which faded away as quickly as it was built but now the scenario was different I had built a habit which was difficult to fade.

Make it obvious. Habit adaption and creation

Make it obvious:  I used the same location, the same starting point, and the same timing to make it look obvious. By making it look obvious I made sure that this is what I do at this time, and this time is only slotted for running at this particular place. Thereby, creating a new habit. By going to the school at the same time we were students, by going to the office at the same time we are employees. Similarly, we can repeat the behavior at a particular time and location which helps to reaffirm a new habit for us.

Now, after a few years, I run (10 km)marathons very easily, also I lost all the unnecessary fat which I was carrying around (with the help of proper diet and exercise)

Similarly, by following the above techniques I have built many positive habits for myself. Some of them I’d explain in the next article.  Muchas Gracias for reading my article. Hopefully, it will add some value to your life.

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