How I developed the habit of reading

How I developed the habit of reading

April 10, 2020 0 By mdalvi
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How I developed the habit of reading.

In my last article, I emphasized on making a habit very easy, I also gave the example of my 2 Minute Habit creation technique which I used for running. Now, I’ve used this technique for multiple habits and I’ll explain how I have used it for other positive habits.

The habit of reading. How I developed the habit of reading.

The reading habit:

  • No one is born with a habit pre-adapted with them, every single human being has managed to learn and develop the habits which they now are having. Problem with many people once they start a habit is they either procrastinate or they find it boring. I don’t have any answers for the boring part but I can surely help you with the procrastination part, as earlier even I was a serial procrastinator. My dilly-dally behavior was inch-perfect amusing that I used to hang back even to grab the TV remote which used to be within a range of few inches.
  • The self-blame game was going amazing until one day I decided to run for just a few minutes, the 2-minute running habit made me think that if running was made easy by using this technique then why not make other habits easy by applying this same technique to them.
  • Running changed my life but wait the other habit which changed my life prodigiously was reading. Yes! I used the-2 minute technique to develop this habit as well and now I am a religious reader. Reading for just 2 minutes every day helped me gain vast knowledge, a bundle of words, happiness, and many brain-boosting things that are tied up to consuming books.
  • Later, after a few weeks, 2 minutes became 10 minutes, then 10 pages and so on. The reason behind making any habit easy is to show up and do that habit every day.
  • I won’t go deep in the benefits of reading. Although I’ll put down some of the psychological benefits here, you can read if you are curious to know some astonishing benefits of reading.

And likewise, I managed to adapt the habit of writing in a journal, savings habit, the habit of meditating, learning habit, and most important of them all the habit of being consistent.

Multiple habits seem to pile up when you start with a single habit and stay committed to it. You need to start your habit by deconstructing it small, make it very easy, and keep it obvious to create any habit which will last forever.

Muchas Gracias for reading,

Manish Dalvi.

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