How To Train Your Brain To Be More Positive In 10 Simple Ways

How To Train Your Brain To Be More Positive In 10 Simple Ways

August 17, 2018 Off By mdalvi
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Training your brain to be more positive or at least positive enough to tackle any difficult situation is a must in order to go ahead in life. If your optimism level goes down when you are in some sort of difficult situation trying to think more positively can be a boost to get you out of that situation.

Before, you learn to train your brain to be more positive you will have to check on yourselves and see when your brain starts thinking negatively. Self-reviewing or analysing yourself can help you to identify all the triggers that make you think negatively. So, whenever you start thinking negatively always ask yourself these questions which are – Why am I thinking in such a way? Is it going to help me if I continue to think like this? What should be the best way to change the situation?

So, asking yourself these questions will help you figure out a few things which are:

  • You will identify the cause of thinking negatively.
  • You will start looking for a better way to think and ultimately change your present situation.

Sometimes, there are many reasons for you to think negatively. Especially, when people around you are thinking in a self-destructive way. So, changing self-thoughts first can help you to change other’s thoughts.

More positive thinking leads to positive actions and finally a positive life both inside and outside of you.  So, is this process immediate and easy? No; training a brain entrenched in its habits is an intricate process that requires a “baby step” approach. Nonetheless, this requires a lot of willpower and determination to make such a transformation. Remember, a brain optimistic at its core manifests into confidence, hope, positivity, and resilience.

Without any further delay, here are some ways of training your brain to be more positive:


10 Simple Ways to Train Your Brain to Be More Positive



  1. Affirmations: After you wake up, start saying positive things to yourself. Instead of checking your phone and WhatsApp messages do this for 5-10 minutes daily and start your day with self-belief and positivity. Some of my favourite affirmations are: I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Wealthy, I am Positive, I am Blessed, I am Grateful, I am Confident, I am Excited About Today” and you can find more on Google. Doing this will definitely help you to start your day by thinking positively and get you in a positive mood.


  1. Exercise: After affirmations, this should be the thing that you should do which will help you to get in shape as well as it will train your mind to be more positive.


  1. Skip the TV news/Newspaper: News early in the morning isn’t digestible because news comes with a lot of negativity wrapped. Starting your day by reading or watching a bad/sad news isn’t a good option. Reading or watching something negative can make you sad or worried for the rest of the day.


  1. Give Praise to Someone Deserving: If we think hard (maybe not so hard), we know of someone that is or has been unappreciated for whatever reason. This second tip is important because it provides a sense of validity and worthiness for the worthy recipient.

Thank someone for their efforts; no matter if its family or co-workers. Send a quick message to someone that has gone “above and beyond” in some way – no matter how big or small. Send a quick email to someone that has influenced you; someone that’s made you better. Demonstrate that you notice their sacrifices, and are more than willing to acknowledge their benevolent efforts.



  1. Doing Something Nice for Someone, Every Day: Being altruistic regardless of the situation that we may find ourselves in, doing something positive for any person can reap many rewards – both for ourselves and the recipient.

Even small acts of kindness – smiling, tipping, donating – can shift our mindset from negative to positive. I’ve tried smiling at strangers and it helps a lot to shift your thinking in something positive.



  1. Search for Something Positive and Write It Down: Doing this will help you to be more optimistic as you will search for the positive side from whatever you’ve gone through. There is always a brighter side for any negative thing that has happened to you. Search for the bright side as everything happens for a reason. Writing it down will help you to keep a record of it.


  1. Reading Quotes Will Help You: Reading quotes will help you to shift your thoughts into something positive. Especially when you come to know that you are in a negative mood. So, whenever you are in a negative mood try reading some positive quotes on Instagram or Facebook instead of scrolling down the feed pointlessly. Also, you can follow my account (@brightcult) on Instagram to read some positive quotes.


  1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Comparing with others leads to unhappiness which brings you a series of negative thoughts with it. Whether the comparisons are positive or negative it won’t improve your life.

When you catch yourself in a comparison, focus on something more positive. For example, instead of thinking, “I wish I had a house more like theirs” think to yourself, “I know I can have a house like this if I continue to work hard and save money.”



  1. LOL: Laugh Out Loud every day. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, find what makes your belly laugh. Spend time with funny friends, try laughter yoga, put on that hilarious comedy show. Regardless, of how you get them, just make sure you are getting them on a daily basis.


  1. The Attitude of Gratitude: Be thankful for what you have instead of focusing on what you lack. Try waking up and going to bed each day by naming three things that you are grateful for. This will help you to attract more of what you are thankful



Try all these methods on a daily basis and you can thank me later.


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