Lockdown without technology

Lockdown without technology

April 16, 2020 Off By mdalvi
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Lockdown without technology

A frightening title isn’t it? Can you imagine this lockdown without technology? Coronavirus seems to be a pain in the ass for some of the people who are stuck at home and in a miserable condition because they can’t do things outside. But, hey wait! It’s always great to be grateful in this negative crisis the world is facing now, imagine how this lockdown would’ve been without technology. These are some of the major issues which I feel could’ve happened without technology and I’m keeping the list short.

No internet: Imagine you are in the mid-1900s and the virus attacks the world. Won’t go deep into it but just imagine your life without internet and phone now. We are lucky enough to have the technology at it’s the best form when the virus attacked us.

Lack of awareness: Without technology, it would’ve been so difficult to communicate thereby, lack of awareness to tackle the situation.

Spanish Flu: The flu which gulped down around 10 million people globally in the early 1900s is the perfect example of a contagious spread without technology, imagine what sort of conditions people must’ve faced during that time. It would’ve been so difficult, 10 times more boring and dreadful than what we are facing. Count your blessings while you are complaining again.

No TV, No Social Media, No Netflix and chill, and No learning tool availability: Not now, but then! yes!. They didn’t have any of these during the crisis and yet many of them faced the storm with smiles on their face bringing this point because we all have things that are sufficient enough for us to stay at home. Enough complaining, and start counting the blessings while you are at home. The situation is scary but we are capable enough to tackle the situation with patience. The only thing we need to keep in our mind is patience because without it we can’t win the battle against corona.

Changing the perspective: Just by changing your perspective from complaining to counting your blessings your mood and overall mindset towards the lockdown can change tremendously.

Final words: There’s so much you can do during this crisis and when it gets over you might become stronger, wiser, and healthier than before if you use the time to empower you, here’s what I do nowadays during the lockdown phase and here’s a list of few entertaining sources. Choose wisely.

Muchas Gracias for reading.

Be productive, Stay at home, and don’t forget to count your blessings.

Manish Dalvi.

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