Procrastination and Cravings Versus Discipline

Procrastination and Cravings Versus Discipline

April 24, 2020 0 By mdalvi
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In this article, I will talk about procrastination and cravings vs discipline concerning a diet.

Procrastination: The fact when you start a diet you try to retrace your steps back to where you were and what you ate in the past, that’s what the role of procrastination is. You skip a day and then again skip a day which then becomes your new behaviour.

Cravings: Cravings to eat junk is similar to that. First, you promise yourself that you won’t eat junk that is much likely to break the diet which then leads to gain additional weight but then anyway out of lacking discipline you eat.

Discipline: Discipline, on the other hand, is nothing but opting for what you want the most(A good physique) and ignoring what you want now(Cravings for junk). It’s nothing but a choice. The choice of Now vs Future, the choice of short term pleasure vs long term goal, the choice that will make you feel like the beast in the future vs the choice that will make you happy now for a short term.

I follow a ketogenic diet and I was a hardcore sugar and cookies addict before starting it. It was darn tough for me to even think of living without cookies and sugar. But then when I cited that I want my physique to be better I had a choice to keep eating cookies and sugar or to improve the physique by correcting my diet and quitting the sugar. Click here to know why sugar is bad for you.

The journey:

1) Dealing with the surroundings: My journey was quite difficult, especially because my environment is full of sugar addicts. From family to colleagues everyone likes to have sugar in some of the other forms and to avoid sugar in between them was a real task I had to deal with. When you’ve got the clarity of what you want the most all the other distractions are nullified.

2) Saying No for that goal:  Like, when I used to go out with my colleagues for a break, I had to say them a “NO” for every food they used to offer because I was clear with I wanted and anything which isn’t serving for the betterment of my goal is just a distraction and I had to say NO to that.

3) The by-products: With many, NO’s came outstanding result which I wanted and I am truly happy for the discipline I kept because with discipline there are many other by-products which came like fat loss, confidence, consistency, and most importantly self-belief.

4) Falling in love with the boredom:

a) My views: I feel that there comes a point when you do the same thing repetitively for a longer period, you lose the track because of boredom, even when it has become your habit. People often say that when you are passionate about something you do it anyway and with love, but I have a strong feeling of challenging this idea of passion because the super passionate humans who are great at their game surely must be getting bored at one point in their career.

b) For example, even Cristiano Ronaldo must have hit the boredom mark at some point of his career where he didn’t feel like training for the game but then the difference between the disciplined and quitting person is that the quitting person gives up short after he gets bored of doing things and the disciplined person falls in love with the boredom.

5) Boredom is the price: The food which I am eating since 6-7 months is almost the same and when I see other people eating different dishes every day it is tough for me to see that but, I have fallen in love with the boredom(the same dish) as it is giving me the results I want. Thus, keeping me on track and making me a consistent and disciplined person.

6)  Changing the Perspective: Changing the perspective just by a slight degree like replacing the thinking that I am eating the same food regularly by thinking I am eating the most nutritious and healthy food regularly can have an advantageous effect on the longer run. Think diet as a thing to be grateful for instead of a thing that you have to complain about.

Concluding: As this was concerning a diet, I am pretty sure you can relate this to any walks of your life and discard the urge of procrastinating, cravings, and build a new lane of discipline which will demand a lot like falling in love with the boredom but will come up with some awesome benefits for a longer-term.

Muchas Gracias for reading,

Manish Dalvi. 

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