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7 most influential factors that decide your life:

7 most influential factors that decide your life: This article is about the 7 most influential things that decide our life. Humans are designed to get influenced by some of the other things. We must be aware of the things that influence us. Some things influence us in a good way and somethings in a…

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We are the creatures of our habit. How successful one will be in his life depends largely on his habits. Although, most of the people think that our daily actions result from deliberation and willpower. But, the fact is it is just based on and are the products of our unconscious habits which are stored…

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15 Signs He Likes You

Well, we all have come to a point in life, when a co-worker caught your eye or a fellow college student was the reason behind skipping a heartbeat when he comes near. You are interested in him and are embarrassed to ask him directly. The only thing you can do is a brouhaha when he…

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