The 75 Hard Challenge

The 75 Hard Challenge

July 2, 2019 4 By mdalvi
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Why I took the 75 hard challenge and why you should take the challenge as well?

After I started posting my videos of exercising with a #75hardchallenge on Instagram and WhatsApp stories many people started asking me about it and why am I doing it. So, writing this article to make people aware of the challenge and why am I doing it.

First of all, let me tell you the rules of the challenge and who initiated it:

It was initiated by Mr Andy Frisella.

No.1 Rule: 45 Minutes Indoor workout plus 45 minutes Outdoor workout which equals to 90 minutes of total workout sessions. (For 75 days straight)

No. 2 Rule: Stick to a diet plan for 75 days. (No cheat meals for 75 days straight)

No.3 Rule: Read 10 pages of a non-fictional book for 75 days.

No.4 Rule: Drink 1 Gallon water Every day.

No. of Days I have completed till the date of publishing this article: I have completed 52 days out of the 75 days of the challenge.

Before, I wasn’t disciplined when it comes to eating something. I used to be a voracious eater of biscuits, cookies, pastries, ice-creams, and a whole lot of other sugary products which were stopping me to attain my goals instead of exercising on a hardcore level on a regular basis.  But, after I took this challenge I have successfully refrained myself from all the things I otherwise loved to eat.

Now, coming to the benefits of the challenge:

1) At first, it’s a challenge you give to yourself. So, if you complete the challenge you will feel much nicer about yourself. It’s just like you have achieved some personal milestone. You will boost your self-confidence, self-respect and self-worth if you manage to complete the challenge without fail and without cheating.

2) Now, there are no hidden secrets in terms of the benefits of exercising regularly and drinking a gallon of water every day so without boasting the benefits of the two which you guys know already let me tell you how I feel after 52 days, I feel much better physically, mentally, and emotionally compared to the day I started doing it. So, once you start this scintillating challenge you will acquire the habit of exercising, eating clean/healthy and drinking a lot of water which has its own benefits.

3) Reading 10 pages every day without fail helped me to read around 2 and a half books till the day 52nd. Again, I won’t boast much about the benefits of reading but I would like to tell you that I gained a great amount of knowledge from the books which I read in these 52 days. I am a non-fictional reader since 2015  but I wasn’t consistent in terms of reading these number of pages on a daily basis it used to depend on my mood and there was no target set. Sometimes I used to read 15 pages and sometimes I used to read 3-4 pages a day which made me look inconsistent.

And much more importantly I wanted to increase my will power, self-discipline,  and to control the urge of eating something which isn’t good for me.

So, these were the reasons I took the challenge and I think everyone should try to subsume this challenge in their lifestyle for 75 days.

Muchas Gracias.

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