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We are the creatures of our habit. How successful one will be in his life depends largely on his habits. Although, most of the people think that our daily actions result from deliberation and willpower. But, the fact is it is just based on and are the products of our unconscious habits which are stored in our subconscious mind.

So, one of the keys to improve your life and to be successful is to change the daily habits you have. One takes around 21 days to make an activity a habit. Also, our subconscious mind isn’t able to distinguish what is good and bad for it. So, if you follow a negative activity it will obey your command and make it a habit of yours and vice versa. The subconscious mind does not know what is good for you and what is bad for you. It is your job to give your subconscious mind right orders by indulging in positive activities to create a positive habit.

Replacing the bad habits with the good habits is the only way to eradicate the negative habits that you have. Another scintillating way to create a positive habit is to give importance to the daily productivity rather than spending your time on trivial things. To become more productive here is an article which I have covered.

Also, these are few of the hacks that should help you while cultivating new habit patterns so that you don’t snub and stick to or follow the habit pattern religiously:

  • Fine yourself if you find that “You are breaking the rule”:

Penalize yourself for breaking the habit. One of the ways is to pay your friend 1$ every time they catch you while snubbing the habit that you want to create

  • Go slow and make tiny changes:

Going slow without any rush will help you to create the habit pattern prominent.

  • Create a 21-day challenge plan:

Before you begin, create a 21-day challenge plan by doing and sticking to the activity straight for the 21 days continuously without dodging any day.

  • Always remember the “WHY”:

Why you want to create a particular habit will help you to stay motivated.


  • Wake Up Early:

There are lots of reason to wake up early but for Bill Gates getting more things done in the morning and staying highly productive throughout the day is the most important reason for waking up early.

  • Starting the day with a small meaningful win:

A small meaning full win can be doing one extra push up than yesterday.  This needs to be done for a positive start to the day.

  • Exercise:

Exercising helps you to jump-start your day by killing up the laziness and also it makes you feel happier, segregating other health benefits of it.

  • Making a list of goals for improvement:

You can call this a to-do list which helps to be conscious and work according to it.

  • Reading books:

Reading books instead of exploring social media can be of great benefit. Some of the benefits include better vocabulary, boosts your knowledge, stress reduction, better writing skills. Keeping apart the inspiration that you get by reading books. Some of the top earners in the world consume around 500 books a year.

  • Listen more and Talk Less:

There is a reason why you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listening more helps you to gather more knowledge and it makes you look like a humble human being.

  • Be persistent:

With persistence will come success, and there is no substitute for persistence. Dodging will not make you a successful person so, be determined towards the goal. Highly successful people are heavily persistent towards their goal.

  • Consistency is the key:

Without consistency, there remains a ladder of failure. With consistency, there is always a ladder of success.

  • They “Never Give Up”:

Whenever you are thinking of giving up just remember the fact that Edison failed 10000 times in his experiments before inventing the bulb. Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success. Also, most of us are good “starters” but “poor” finishers of everything we begin

  • They “Think Optimistically”:

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. It’s upon you what you want. Think of what you want. Keep your thoughts around that and be positive.

  • Keep a gratitude journal:

Keeping a gratitude journal and writing all the grateful things that happened on the day before going to the bed will bring nothing but more gratitude in your life. Gratitude is the best remedy for almost every problem that lies in your life. Gratitude should be your attitude.

  • Remove fear:

Do not expect troubles because the more you expect the more they will come into your life. They have a tendency of not disappointing your expectations. Expect abundance instead.

  • Stay around positive people:

Like energy is contagious, positive people can make an impact on you to become positive.

  • One amazing thing will happen every day:

Remind yourself and believe that no matter how impossible things seem, there’s going to be at least one awesome and unexpected thing that’s going to happen that day and like a stroke of magic 99 per cent of the time if you truly believe it will happen.

  • Prioritize:

Keep a to-do list ready for the next day before sleeping and prioritize it with the important things you’ve to do.

                Comparing Positive and Negative Habits with their respective outcome:

 The conclusion of the article is: Your habits decide your future. So, start changing your life by changing your habits. 


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