The power of repetition

The power of repetition

May 15, 2020 0 By mdalvi
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The more you repeat things the more likely you are to remember it and do it and that’s the power of repetition. 

You are introduced to bad behaviour, you repeat it, and you have developed a bad habit. Similarly, If you apply this to good behaviour you are more likely to develop a good habit.

You have to analyse your current behaviours and check which habits are bad for you and good for you. Bad habits usually bring immediate satisfaction to you and thus it’s easy for you to keep on repeating the same behaviour.

It is easy to eat a pack of cookies then to cook healthy food. Also, cookies bring instant gratification to you by the taste and flavour it provides meanwhile Spinach and salad are quite boring and not so tasty.

Thus, it becomes easy to choose things that bring immediate joy.

We all know, eating cookies will make us fat but still, we choose it anyhow because they are easy to eat. Eating cookies once a week won’t harm your physique that much but if you eat it repeatedly then it will make you fat.

Similarly, when you choose to repeat bad behaviour it might be good for now but not so good for the future. It is very important to repeat things that are going to be fruitful in the future no matter how difficult they are now.

Usually, the sweeter the fruit is at the present the worse it is for your health in the future and vice versa.

Coming back to the repetition point, it has the power to change your destiny. If you choose to exercise daily (repetition) then you are likely to be stronger and fitter in the future.

When you repeat positive thoughts you are more likely to have a positive life.

It is very important to know what things you are repeating (now) that is what are your habits and those are the things will decide your future.

If your habit is to eat healthily then you will be a healthy person.

If you are productive now then you will be a successful person.

If you are choosing reading over watching TV you will have more wisdom.

The critical deciding point:  Every single one of us is having options to choose between good and bad stuff. Whether it is you decide to eat healthily or eat that cookie pack. Whether to exercise now or to watch your favourite TV show. That is your critical deciding point.

The moment you decide to do something that you will be proud of in the future, in this case, let’s say choosing exercise over watching TV is where you turn the table.

Then when you repeat those decisions every day you develop a habit which makes you indestructible.

Repeating good things over bad things is a choice. Therefore, making you the master of your fate.

Choose wisely, Repeat wisely. Because you become what you repeat.

Thank you for reading,

Manish Dalvi.

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