Why Am I Doing Intermittent fasting?

Why Am I Doing Intermittent fasting?

July 7, 2019 2 By mdalvi
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Why am I doing intermittent fasting and how I am feeling after 6 months of regular IF?

First things first: How I came to know about it?

I read it in a book where the author suggests people to do this fasting after it surprisingly one of my brothers is doing it for many years and has achieved amazing results. So, by his influence and by looking at his results I decided to go for this fasting. Thanks, Pruthvij for this!

Secondly, after doing it for more than 6 months how am I feeling now?

The answer in one word: Scintillating!

Third, How many hours do I fast?

The answer: between 15-20 hours each day!

Do I skip any day?

Yes! I skip! Once or twice a month!

What is intermittent fasting?

  • Here’s the link which will provide you with the detailed information of it!
  • Explaining in short: It’s a 16:8 alternate eating cycles of fasting and eating. In which you can eat for 8 hours and fast without eating anything for 16 hours straight!

Why am I doing it?

  • The paramount reason was that I wanted to lose fat. As simple as that!
  • Secondly, it promised me to give high energy levels after a few weeks of fasting and it did as it promised!
  • It saves time!
  • It gives me a feeling of accomplishment!
  • It boosts my self-control!
  • It is helping me to master myself! Because I read somewhere that to master thyself master thy fasting and eating!

Here, I believe all are the plus points!

Any external problems I face while I do it?

Yes! A lot!

Especially, from my colleagues! They are so caring that they always are afraid of what will happen to me if I don’t eat for so long! To those who are reading it! Chill guys! I’m super safe and super happy with this fasting! Mom was concerned but now even she is going to give it a try!

Here’s what I feel about the fasting:

Initially, it was quite difficult for me to control hunger. Especially, in the first two weeks. Later, it became very easy for me to control hunger. Whilst I am in the fasting window, I feel super light, extremely energetic and there’s some sense of peculiarity.

It helped me or not?

Yes, it did! But somewhere I feel that it’s a slow process especially when it comes to losing stubborn fat. Patience is the key.

How I do it?

As I am allowed to eat for 8 hours in the intermittent fasting. I have my dinner between 8-9PM and then I eat after 12 PM of the next day thereby, maintaining a fasting window of 16+ hours. Also, whilst I am fasting, I exercise in the gym to make it even more effective.

Ps: I’m not a dietician, nor am I an expert in this field. Expert advice is recommended.

I will write about the benefits of Intermittent fasting (personal opinions) in the next article.










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